UTSW IM Chiefs 2021-2022

Site chiefs

The site chiefs will be rotating every three months this year. At Parkland, there will be two site chiefs that split the responsibilities related to each of the rotations at Parkland. See Amion for the most up-to-date assignments.

11/1/22 - 3/15/23
PMH: Emily Hoff and Eddie Stephens 
CUH: Lauren Ward and Matthew Robson 
VA: Emil Thyssen and Vicente Morales


Clinic chiefs

PCIM: Emily Hoff

PRIME: Matthew Robson

POB: Lauren Ward

Other duties

  • Noon conferences and morning report scheduling: Eddie Stephens and Lauren Ward
  • Inpatient and hybrid scheduling:
  • +1 clinic schedules: Contact the clinic chief assigned to your site. 
  • Maternity/Paternity leave scheduling: Emily Hoff and Matthew Robson
  • Everything related to Med/Peds: Emily Hoff
  • Everything related to Med/Psych: Eddie Stephens
  • Research and QI: Emily Hoff and Vicente Morales
  • Recruitment: Vicente Morales


As always, please contact the Chief on Call for any issues related to illnesses and absences.