Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the residency program.
Main Education Office Phone: 214-648-2287
Main Education Office Fax: 214-648-9100

Program Administration

Dino Kazi, M.D.

Professor and Vice Chair of Education

Residency Program Director

8-9075 8-9075

Shannon Scielzo, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Associate Director of Education

8-8521 8-8521

Dr. Sujata Bhushan

Sujata Bhushan, M.D.

Associate Professor

Associate Program Director
Dr. Rosechelle Ruggiero

Rosechelle Ruggiero, M.D.

Associate Professor

Associate Program Director

8-2772 8-2772

Dr. Kerry Dunbar

Kerry Dunbar, M.D.

Associate Professor, Digestive and Liver Diseases

Associate Program Director, Curriculum Development


7-1603 7-1603

Dr. Dale Okorodudu

Dale Okorodudu, M.D.

Assistant Professor, Pulmonary and Critical Care

Associate Program Director

5-6491 5-6491

Dr. Elizabeth Paulk

Elizabeth Paulk, M.D.

Professor, General Internal Medicine, Palliative Care

Associate Program Director, Resident Recruitment

8-2992 8-2992

Dr. Gail Peterson

Gail Peterson, M.D.

Professor, Cardiology

Associate Program Director

5-7500 5-7500

Dr. Christiana Renner

Christiana Renner, M.D.

Professor, Hospital Medicine

Associate Program Director

8-9741 8-9741

Dr. Jay Horton

Jay Horton, M.D.

Professor, Digestive and Liver Diseases

Director, PSTP Program

8-9677 8-9677

Chief Residents

Photo of Dr. Karl Gordon Patti

Karl Gordon Patti, M.D.

Chief Resident

CUH, NPH, VA Chief
Photo of Dr. John Marshall

John Marshall, M.D.

Chief Resident

CUH, NPH, VA Chief
Photo of Dr. Dheepa Sekar

Dheepa Sekar, M.D.

Chief Resident

CUH, NPH, VA Chief
Photo of Dr. Katie Gavinski

Katie Gavinski, M.D.

Chief Resident

Ambulatory Care
Photo of Dr. Neil Keshvani

Neil Keshvani, M.D.

Chief Resident

Quality Improvement and Research

Education Office

Photo: Marc Valerin

Marc P. Valerin, PhD, MBA

Education Programs Manager


8-8523 8-8523

Photo: Barbara Dillard

Barbara Dillard

Sr. Education Coordinator

ABIM Issues, ACGME Questions, ITE, Loan Deferments, Visa Questions, TMB, Resident Graduation, Residency Program Support, Notary


8-2987 8-2987

Photo: Brittani Kimsey

Brittani Kimsey

GME Program Coordinator I

ERAS, MedHub Administration and Support, Resident Evaluations, Resident Schedules


8-8522 8-8522

Photo: Kimberly King

Kimberly King

GME Program Coordinator II

ERAS, Faculty Interview Schedule Interview Broker, Interview Day Planning and Execution


8-4831 8-4831

Photo: Jerry LeClerc

Jerry LeClerc

GME Program Coordinator I

IM Residency & Combined IM Residency Support, Official Education Functions Coordinator


8-6601 8-6601

Photo: Margaret Ng-Chee

Margaret Ng-Chee

Sr. Administrative Assistant

Vice Chair & Associate Program Directors Travel, Administrative Assistance for Dr. Shannon Scielzo


8-9511 8-9511

Photo: Maria Santos-Garcia

Maria Santos-Garcia

Clinical Operations Program Coordinator

CUH Site Assistant, Administrative Assitant to Dr. Jonathan Weissler, Faculty CUH Ward Schedule Planning and Organizing


214-633-4388 214-633-4388

Photo: Sarah Collins, Ph.D.

Sarah Collins, Ph.D.


Clerkship Program Support, Visiting Students


8-0248 8-0248

Photo: Agatha Villegas

Agatha Villegas

Sr. Education Coordinator

Clerkship Program


8-7982 8-7982