• Maria Santos-Garcia (214-633-4388),
  • Chief Resident Office (214-633-4392)

Remote Access

  • Citrix Client: https://citrix.utsouthwestern.edu/Citrix/UTSWWeb/ (if OFF campus)
  • *You will need to download the Citrix Receiver to be able to use Parkland or UTSW Epic at home.
  • *UTSW will also require you have the Duo App on your phone to confirm your authenticity to log on.

Drug Prescriptions

  • DPS: 10138717
  • DEA: BU9092177

Rounding Rooms


  • Southwestern 6.1517 Orange Tower
  • Foster 10.421
  • Eisenberg 12.116
  • Seldin 10.314
  • University 07.422

MICU/CCU/Specialty Services

  • MICU: 08.131
  • ACS: 09.204 (team A) - 09.314 (team B)
  • Cardiology: 09.421
  • Heme/Onc 11.313
  • Pulm 08.313
  • Liver/GI 07.204

Call Room Locations

  • MICU Resident – 08.125; 08.129. // MICU Intern 7th floor - 07.127 Call room number: 7.131
  • ACS Resident – 09.125 // ACS Resident Cross Cover/Intern 7th floor - 07.127 Call room number: 7.132 / 7.133
  • Wards: 04.C610 - Wards Resident 04.650 / Intern 04.654 / MS 04.656

Lactation Rooms


You will need to bring your own lock or talk to Maria.

Lockers can be found: 

  • Hallways of 9th, 10th, 12th floor near the North Elevator (Green North)
  • Resident's Lounge
  • Southwestern Rounding Room
  • Seldin Rounding Room
  • Eisenberg Rounding Room

Documents and Handouts

CUH Antibiogram 08/26/19
CUH Floor Plans 09/22/15
University Hospital Smart Phrases 08/02/15
University Hospital Templates for EPIC 08/02/15
University Hospital Call Room Guidelines 05/24/16
UT Southwestern Badging Stations Schedule 02/01/16
CUH 2022 Onboarding Document   07/01/22


Food Options

  • Cafeteria (open 7 days/week): 1st floor across from the Resident Lounge, badge money accepted, money vouchers with Maria.


  • Clements: Just inside the main hospital entrance, to the left of the gift shop.  Closest to the Central Elevators, if coming from upstairs. Coffee bar has limited hours, but brewed coffee is available for purchase 24/7.
  • Zale: From the main hospital entrance, take the doorway in the back right of the lobby.  Adjacent to the cafeteria. Open 6:30am-6:30pm
  • Medical School: Inside the medical school cafeteria in the C building, below street level. Open 6:30am – 4:00pm


CUH-Zale express: Stops at the north entrance of CUH and it will take you to the breezeway between Zale and Old Parkland and vice versa. DO NOT take the Orange shuttle. (http://www.utswshuttle.com)


  • How to Get Parking:
    • AFTER you get your Parkland badge/parking pass (during Orientation week), you will have the option to sign up for UTSW parking:
    • Cost: $15 per payment period (every 2 weeks). This payment allows you to park at UTSW and Clements. Must be formally renewed EACH August 1st. A reminder email will be sent to all current parking pass holders by Parking Services early each summer – make sure to follow instructions listed.
    • Go to Bldg A - Transportation on Seldin Plaza (right next to the statue of Seldin), M-F between 8 am - 5 pm, OR 2nd floor of Clements, Room 554, M-F 8 am - 4 pm to renew and get new car decal for the academic year.
  • Where to Park:
    •  Faculty garage and surface lots A, B and C, as well as the overflow lot directly across Harry Hines Blvd. You can park in any spot in these areas unless marked otherwise (faculty, patient, etc.). The most convenient parking location is “Faculty/Staff Garage” located behind CUH. Note that residents ARE permitted to park in thespots labeled “Faculty.”

Also, please note if you are leaving the hospital during late evening/early morning, you are encouraged to call UT police at ext. 88311 to request an escort to your car. The UT police will pick you up in front of the hospital and shuttle you to wherever you are parked.