USMLE Step 3

  1. Residents must submit a copy of their Step 3 report by March 1 for reappointment to the R3 year.  It is strongly recommended to take Step 3 during your PGY-1 year and certainly by January 1 of the PGY-2 year.  Keep in mind there is a 3-4 week delay between taking the test and the score report when scheduling the exam. 
  2. Scheduling may take several months so begin planning early. Residents must find coverage for any clinics/ services missed during their exam dates, and notify the chiefs accordingly.

NBME Internal Medicine In-Training Examination (ITE)

The ITE is a nationally set examination that is modeled after the ABIM Internal Medicine Certification Exam. Second and third year residents are required to take this exam in August/ September. The chiefs assign each resident to a specific examination date and schedule time off accordingly. There is limited flexibility for changes in the schedule due to tight coverage requirements - please contact the chiefs early if you foresee any issues with your assigned date.

The ITE is meant to be a self-assessment to help residents identify their gaps in knowledge, and also a practice exam ahead of the boards. No preparation is required for the exam and scores are not used as part of the formative assessment of resident performance.

ABIM Internal Medicine Certification Exam (Boards)

Information for Summer 2019
The examination early registration window opens on December 1, 2018, and ends April 15, 2019. Late registration starts on April 16 and ends April 28, 2019.
The cost to register is $1410 - you can use your annual allowance to defer the cost of this exam. An additional $400 is charged for late registration.
To be eligible for the examination you should have completed your residency training no later than August 31, 2019.
See the flyer for more information and contacts.