All allowed reimbursements contingent on funds available in Resident Allowance Fund and/or Supplementary Conference Travel Fund.

The Department of Internal Medicine supports resident research both philosophically and financially. The following is a policy to outline such support. When a trainee is invited to present the product of their research experience at a regional or national meeting the following support from the Education Office is available for one meeting each academic year. It is the department’s expectation that matching funds be provided by the division that provided mentoring for the project.

Please see the "PTO Policy" section regarding time away from training responsibilities.


Travel Expenses/Reimbursement Policies

Travel Authorization

The purpose of the Travel Authorization is to provide the employee with authorization to be absent or away from the office and must be submitted at least ten working days prior to traveling or prior to the due date of the registration fee for a meeting. The Travel Authorization must be approved by the Program Director before the request or travel expenses related to that request can be processed. Please complete an Intent to Travel Form and submit it to the Education Office.

Travel Advances

Travel advances are not available to residents.

Registration and Flights

Airfare must be purchased using the University Central Billed Account through one of the travel agencies contracted through the system-wide Travel Services office. Airfare purchases should be arranged through the Internal Medicine Education Office via the campus travel agency. Airline travel reimbursement is limited to regular coach fare. Please do not purchase your own ticket, as this will not be reimbursed.

If the registration is prepaid by the resident, registration details and proof of payment must be provided in order to be eligible for reimbursement. Baggage check fees (for 1 piece) require a receipt for reimbursement. A second bag is only allowable if required for work related items or presentations. UTSW will reimburse up to $60.


Lodging will need to be paid by the traveler but can be reimbursed within the guidelines stated above. The current daily maximum for hotel is $220 per night (excluding taxes). The $220 daily limit may be exceeded in specifically identified high cost cities with prior authorization of the Education Office. Note: this is counted to your $500 total so select lodging accordingly. Please contact the Internal Medicine Education Office for questions about lodging reimbursement limits.

Lodging receipts are mandatory and must include an itemization of charges and proof of payment. Please note, if a room is shared, the hotel invoice must be split by the hotel and paid for individually in order to receive reimbursement for the charges.


Daily maximum for meals is $125 per day not to exceed: $25/person/breakfast, $50/person/lunch, and $85/person/dinner.

Maximum reimbursement for tip is 20% of the pre-tax total for your meal.  

Meal expenses must be submitted to the Education Office, documenting the date, time and cost of the meal(s). A meal expense spreadsheet can be provided from the Education Office upon request. Meals provided in the conference fee cannot be reimbursed separately.

Please note that alcoholic beverages are NOT reimbursable.  

Transportation (Non-Flight)

Mileage to and from the airport and/or final destination with use of a personal vehicle can be reimbursed. A map showing the mileage between the starting and end address must be provided. The current reimbursement rate for mileage in- and out-of-state is $0.54/mile.

Taxi services are reimbursable with receipt(s).


Incidentals, such as airport parking, hotel tax, telephone charges, etc., can be reimbursed but a receipt must be provided. Poster printing for residents is provided by the department.

Contact Information

  • For questions about travel or to schedule travel for an upcoming event, please contact   
  • For submission of travel receipts and reimbursement requests please contact