General requirements 

The following requirements must be completed in full prior to requesting moonlighting shifts: 

  • Eligible residents must be PGY-2 or above (PGY-3 for CUH Hospital Medicine) in good academic and professional standing with the residency program.
  • Approval from UTSW GME office and Program Director is required to be documented and approved in MedHub prior to registering for shifts.
  • Independent credentialing for moonlighting is required for each clinical site. This approval is separate from the MedHub approval.
  • Employment authorization status must allow for moonlighting privileges.
    • H1B visa holders may moonlight at the sponsoring institution only (e.g., if you have an H1B visa sponsored by UTSW, you can only moonlight at UTSW hospitals like CUH). 
    • J1 visa holders unfortunately cannot moonlight at all. 
  • You are required to maintain the conditions mentioned below under “Requirements to maintain Moonlighting privileges.”

Requirements to maintain moonlighting privileges

You are required to maintain the following conditions to keep your moonlighting privileges. Failure to fulfill any of the following conditions will result in the revocation of your moonlighting privileges for 3 months after the first incident and indefinitely after second incident. 


  • You are not allowed to moonlight during call rotations.
  • Moonlighting must not compromise your residency training and scheduled rotations.
  • You cannot break the 80 hour per week work limit.
  • You are required to have at least 14 hours free of clinical work and education after 24+4 hours of in-house call.
  • You are required to take a minimum of one day off in a week.
  • You must have at least 8 hours off between your 2 shifts.
  • You cannot sign up for more than 8 shifts per month.
  • There is no coverage allowed for moonlighting (or part of) shifts without prior approval.
  • You are also not allowed to request coverage for scheduled shifts and professional liabilities to allow you to moonlight.
  • Do not sign up for the shift if you are unsure about your availability. All shift changes must be requested at least 2 weeks in advance (with exception of medical emergencies) Cancellation of shifts for non-medical emergencies may result in revocation of moonlighting privileges.

Logging Duty Hours 

All residents are required to log all moonlighting hours as duty hours in MedHub. This counts towards the 80-hour work limit. This is an ACGME requirement and failure to do so accurately will result in revocation of moonlighting privileges.

Process to start moonlighting

1. Submit a MedHub request for moonlighting

Once you submit your request, it needs to be approved by Dr. Kazi and then by UTSW GME. You will receive an email by MedHub when your request is approved. Once approved, follow the next steps based on your site(s) of interest.

NOTE: MedHub will ask you for a number “max weekly hours”, this refers to the number of hours you plan to moonlight, not the total weekly hours you are working. Your moonlighting hours count towards the total max 80 hours/weekly. GME has been approving 24 hours/week. 

2. Parkland Hospitalist shifts.

  • PGY-2 and above.
  • Once your MedHub request is approved, please email Vicente Morales () to let him know. Our Education Office will then send an approval letter to Parkland GME and Parkland HR so they can create a moonlighting position for you. After your MedHub request is approved, please allow 10 business days for Parkland GME/HR to work on their side of the process; if after 10 business days you haven't heard back from them, email Laura Navarro () and Elizabeth Ponce () from Parkland GME to ask for an update. 
  • When the GME/HR process is complete, you can sign up for shifts contacting Mary McGraw () from Hospital Medicine.
  • Shifts have typically been 12 hours overnight cross-covering 80-100 patients, $100/hr (before taxes). Confirm the final details of your shifts with Parkland team.

3. CUH Hospitalist shifts

  • PGY-3 and above.
  • If you want to moonlight at CUH and your Medhub request is approved, please email  to ask to start the CUH credentialing process. CC Dr. Abey Thomas () and Kalita Rose ().
  • Once your CUH credentialing process is complete, contact Kalita Rose to ask her about the “ML hiring” process. Once that is complete, you will get regular emails with a calendar link to sign up for shifts.
  • There are two types of shifts at CUH:
    • Hospitalist admitter: Hours vary, can be 7 PM – 7 AM, or 6 PM to midnight. For the 12-hour shift, 8 admissions max. $100/hr (before taxes).
    • Hospitalist cross-cover + admitter: 7 PM – 7 AM. Cross-cover ~70 patients and 1-2 admissions. $100/hr (before taxes).
    • Please confirm the final details of your shifts with CUH team.

4. CUH BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant) Daylighting shifts

  • New opportunity, started in October 2022
  • PGY-2 and above. No prior BMT experience needed
  • Shifts: Saturdays and Sundays, 7 AM - 5 PM 
  • Compensation: $150/hr before tax
  • Cap: 8 patients, rolling cap with a max. of 10 patients during a shift (based on admissions/discharges). Max. 2 admissions/shift. 
  • Expectations: Primary team (first call, notes, orders, admissions, discharge, etc). 
  • Please email Diya Sabnani, BMT APP lead () and Dr. Heather Wolfe () to sign up for shifts.  

Entering hours in MedHub

Enter your hours as you normally would.  Using the drop-down box, change the shift category from “standard hours” to Internal Moonlighting.

Please contact Vicente Morales if questions.