To get started on you Texas Medical License

  1. Check your eligibility -
  2. Follow the steps detailed at (read on for a step-by-step guide)
  3. Once you have completed Form L, turn into Barbara Dillard in the Education Office (F5.310) or email to her at

If one of the following events occurs, such changes need to be reported to the TMB in writing (include all supporting documentation) within 30 days of the change.

  • Mailing Address Changes
  • Practice Address Changes
  • Professional Name Changes

Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the trainee being subject to 4 hours of CME and an administrative penalty of $500. This board rule can be found in Chapter 166 of the TMB Board Rule Book.


  1. Visit this page to begin the application process
    1. On the left hand menu, click “Apply”
      1. At the bottom of this page, type in your email and birthdate in order to begin a new application
      2. On the first page of the application, you will see a section for:  “Federation Credentials Verification Service.”
        1. This is a service that lets you store core credentials that can be used for multiple state licensing boards- so if you move after residency, this is a quick way to get important documents to state licensing groups
        2. It does cost more, but will save money down the road
  2. Once you complete your application, you will receive an email confirming payment and within 24 hours an email with the subject “Screen-CIC”
    1. This will include important information on how to create an account in order to access LIST “License Inquiry System of Texas”
    2. It will take you to this site:
      1. At the bottom of this site, use your temporary username
        1. Username: 7 digits of your social security number, and the application expiration date (find this on the same email). For example:
          SS Number: 1234567
          Exp date: 05/29/2019
          Username: 123456705292019
        2. Once you login, create a new username and password
      2. This LIST system, will be how you access all information in regards to your application, and how you send questions to the TMB
  3. Sign into the list system, and go to the “Applications” Header
    1. Click on “Full License” and you will see all the requirements to completing the application
  4. Date of Birth Screen
    1. Take a picture of your birth certificate or your passport and you can either:   
      1. Fax: 1-888-790-0621
      2. Email:
        If you email, include your application number
  5. Dean Certificate
      1. Go to the “Licensing Forms Physicians” on the left side
      2. Find “Form D-Dean’s Certificate.”
      3. This form requires a Passport sized picture (you can resize your ERAS picture to 2 in x 2 in or request a copy of your resident composite photo) and print it out in color and tape it on
      4. Once you do this, mail this form to your Medical School to have them fill out and send to the Texas Medical Board
  6. Verification of Postgraduate Training
      1. Go to the “Licensing Forms Physicians” on the left side
      2. Find “Form L – Physician Licensure Evaluation Verification.”
      3. Turn in form L to Barbara Dillard in the Education Office (F5.310) or email to her at
  7. Examination History
    1. You need to send your USMLE scores. You have to have them sent via the USMLE website, you cannot fax your saved score reports
      1. Click on “Licensing and Exams” at the top
        1. Under exam services, you will see “Exam Transcript”
        2. Create an account
        3. Send the transcripts to the Texas Medical Board
  8. NPBD/HIPDB Self-Query Response-Screen
    2. On the right side, you will see “Self-Query”
    3. “Start a New Order”
    4. Once the self-query generates, save a copy!
      1. You can print this out and fax it to the Texas Medical Board or Email to
  9. Fingerprinting for Texas Department of Public Safety and for the Federal Bureau of Investigation Screen
    2. From this site, click on the link to:
    3. Schedule or manage appointment
    4. You will need to schedule a time to go to a fingerprinting agency: Identogo
      1. The closest one to campus is: 1140 Empire Central Drive, Dallas, Texas 75247, suite 570
      2. Should take about 10-30 minutes depending on the line
    5. They will take your fingerprints and send them to the Texas Medical Board
  10.  JP Exam Score Screen
    1. This exam is the Jurisprudence Exam- this tests your knowledge of Texas State law when it comes to physicians
      1. Click on the link to:
    3. Create an Account and find a testing center
      1. The closest one to campus is at: Pearson Professional Center, 12801 North Central Expressway, Dallas, Texas 75243
    4. The exam is 50 questions and should not take more than an hour-hour and a half, you get your score immediately and it is sent that day to the Texas Medical Board. 75 is a passing score.

This information was last updated in 2022. Please reach out to the chiefs to let us know if you encounter changes in the process so that we can keep this info up to date. Thanks to Shanup Dalal for creating this step by step guide.

Visit the Texas Medical Board website for additional information.