Who to Contact

  • Maria Santos Garcia: 

  • Chief Resident Office
    Phone: 469-419-8752
    Office Location: NPH 15.512

Procedure Signoff Validation

In order for nurses to confirm that your are signed - off, they can find this information in one of two ways:

  • Parkland Intranet -> Spotlight (row at top of page) -> Resident/Fellow Supervision
  • Parkland Share Point -> Physicians (box at lower right) -> Physician Privileges

Remote  Access (Epic/intranet)

  • You will need to register your phone with Duo, which is two factor identification. 
    • Go to https://duo.phhs.org, enter your Parkland network user name and password and click Logon.
    • Click on Start Setup and follow the instructions
  • Once it is downloaded, go to the Parkland Workspace website or click on the link to the right where it says PHHS EPIC under Quick Links
  • Enter your parkland ID (P*****) and password
  • When you get there, click on your name in the upper right hand corner
    • go to "settings"
    • go to "preferences"
    • Install Horizon Client
  • After you install the program, go back to the PHHS Epic homescreen. It should take you to a remote desktop --> on this, double-click "Epic Hyperspace"
  • This will open up Epic on your laptop
  • Enter your parkland ID and password to get into Epic

Epic Haiku


  • Download from App Store
  • Open Settings on the iPhone (usually on one of the Home screens)
  • Select Epic Haiku or Epic Canto in the Settings menu
  • Make sure HTTPS is enabled (green; slider button to the right)
  • Enter the server: pmh-vmhaiku-01.pmh.org
  • Enter the path: haiku-citiprod
  • Save the Settings change, exit Settings, and launch the app.
  • Log in with your normal Epic UserID & Password.

Android OS:

  • Download and install Haiku from the Google Play Store
  • Open the app.
  • Click the menu button.  Note: This varies per Android version and phone.  Sometmies it is a soft button (the left button on recent Android versions), and sometimes is a hardware button, depending on the phone and OS version.
  • Make sure HTTPS is enabled (green; slider button to the right)
  • Enter the server: pmh-vmhaiku-01.pmh.org
  • Enter the path: haiku-citiprod

Pager Not Working?

  • Most of you have Parkland-issued pagers. If your pager stops working or is confirmed to not be receiving pages correctly, follow the steps below:
    • Contact the Parkland site chief to ensure there is not a fixable issue
    • Call IT and submit a ticket
    • Once you submit a ticket, you can take your pager to the Telecommunications Office (Lower Level 510 - take the 400 elevators to the LL (basement))


Documents and Handouts

Anderson Building Clinic locations PDF 01/10/17
Parkland Antibiogram PDF 08/07/19
New Parkland Phone Numbers PDF 06/17/16
Parkland Smart Phrases PDF 07/07/14
Parkland Templates for EPIC PDF 07/03/14
New Parkland Rounding Rooms PDF 08/12/15
New Parkland Call Rooms PDF 08/12/15
New Parkland Floor Plans PDF 05/26/15
Inpatient diabetes management PDF 05/24/16
Parkland Antibiotic Renal Dosing PDF 03/11/14
Parkland Photo Consent Form - English PDF 04/08/08
Parkland Photo Consent Form - Spanish PDF 04/08/08


  • PCIM: Remains in Old Parkland: take elevators in lobby to 7, turn left away from 7 North and go to clinic C/D
  • Other Parkland Clinics are located in the Anderson Clinic Building

Food Options

  • Cafeteria (open 7 days/week): 1st floor, badge money accepted
  • Convenience store (randomly open on weekends but mostly weekdays): 1st floor across from the cafe, badge money accepted
  • U Food Grill (essentially 24/7): 1st floor next to the lobby elevators, badge money NOT accepted
  • Gift shop (randomly open on weekends but mostly weekdays): 1st floor next to lobby elevators and U Food Grill, badge money NOT accepted
  • Children's (essentially 24/7) -- BEST FOOD: basement of Children's Hospital (take elevators down the basement (old Parkland) and follow signs towards Children's Hospital, go through double doors with your badge, the cafeteria is behind the set of elevators you see), badge money NOT accepted
  • UTSW Cafeteria (weekday lunch only): pretend like you are walking to conference and turn right instead of left, badge money NOT accepted


  • How to Get Parking: fill out the parking form at Parkland orientation or visit the police/parking office on the 1st floor
  • Where to Park:
    • Trinity Lot. Right outside Parkland Hospital near DART station. There‚Äôs an arrow above to designate where it is. Can park any time there. It may take a few weeks for access to this lot to be turned on.

    • ER Garage/Faculty Parking Lot 1: Address: 5222 Southwestern Medical Ave, Dallas, TX 75235. You can park anywhere in this garage.

    • Faculty Garage 1 and Staff Garage 2.  Drive up to the top floor and park only in the spots labeled Resident Parking.

    • Tower garage (Patient parking directly across from main hospital lobby) is free if leaving on weekends or weekdays after 6 pm (useful if you are on call). $5 otherwise (each time you exit). You can park anywhere in this garage. Note that the Parkland administration heavily frowns upon residents parking in the Tower garage.