The night float block for interns covers Parkland wards and VA CPICU nights. 3 interns will be allocated the night float block at any one time. The graphic below shows sample coverage of 2 rotations (yellow and green) by 3 interns over a 14-day period.

Work hours:

Arrive at 7 PM and leave at 9 AM after presenting overnight admissions. If there are no overnight admissions, the night intern may leave at 7 AM after handing off cross-cover to the day teams.

Please refer to your individual schedule on to determine your call schedule. Days that are not labelled with call (red moon) are protected days off. Every intern should have at least 1 day off in 7, averaged over the entire rotation. Please note that this rotation may require you to work the last night of the rotation and into the following morning.


The night float intern should be first call on all patients excluding those on the call team. The role of night float is to cross-cover on non-call team patients and take overnight admissions together with the call resident. The night float intern should NOT be asked to perform triage or unsupervised admission/management of patients.

Rounding rooms/ Call rooms:

The Parkland wards night float intern will meet the call team in their rounding room and take handoff on cross-cover from the interns on day call. Please refer to to determine which team is on long call for the day and visit the residency website at for rounding room locations.

The VA CPICU night float intern will obtain signout from the VA Wards academic teams (A/B/C and E) and then meet with the VA CPICU call team in the common CPICU rounding room (5b-600, door code 1430#) to assist with admissions.


Night Intern Survival Guides: Please see Knowledge Center for night survival guides at all three hospitals.


CUH Rotations (except MICU):
Morning Report – M-Thur 9AM
Noon Conference – M-Fri 12PM
Virtual Grand Rounds – Fri 8AM

PHHS Rotations (except MICU)
Morning Report – M-Thur 9AM
Noon Conference – M-Fri 12PM
Virtual Grand Rounds – Fri 8AM

VA Rotations (except CPICU):
Morning Report – M-Thur 9AM
Noon Conference – M-Fri 12PM
Virtual Grand Rounds – Fri 8AM

Virtual Morning Report and Noon Conference: Zoom Link

Upcoming Events/Schedules


6/15/22 - 10/1/22
PMH: Vicente Morales and Lauren Ward
CUH: Emily Hoff and Emil Thyssen
VA: Matthew Robson and Eddie Stephens

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